What happened to ClassNinja?

Alright, so it’s been over 6 months since I’ve updated this blog at all, and the last update was full of optimism about the state of the ClassNinja project.  Since then, a lot has changed: after wrestling with the ruby programming language for a few weeks, I ultimately realized that if I wanted to get anywhere with the project, I wouldn’t be able to work with it alone.  I had essentially reached a point where in order to test out the features that I had finally finished adding, I needed to use several other features which didn’t yet exist.  To develop ClassNinja blindly, just assuming that each new feature would work seamlessly with all of the previous ones would be a tactic that simply couldn’t work.  Thus, I decided to attempt to split up the work among a development team of two other people.  Both team members that I added were JavaScript developers and after trying unsuccessfully to get everyone on the same page, I realized that if I wanted to replace eSchoolPlus — a piece of software actively developed by an entire company dedicated to student-management-systems — I would not be able to get anywhere near to the level of functionality that eSchoolPlus offered in ClassNinja without similar resources available to me.  As such, ClassNinja has been abandoned and is (at present) a dead project.

However, this does not mean that I have abandoned the development of large projects.  I have simply learned a valuable lesson about what I am capable of as a developer.  Reexamining my failure in this regard, I have spent an extensive amount of time learning new languages and web-development frameworks to push the boundaries of what I am capable of as a developer.  Stay tuned to hear about my most recent projects and endeavors.

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