Ruby on Rails = no more 20Time Fails

Things are looking promising for ruby.  I haven’t posted on this project in a while, and a lot has happened since then.  Django didn’t work out, it was too bloated of a framework to allow me to use it for this project.  After much deliberation, I have settled on the Ruby on Rails framework for ClassNinja.  Since this decision, I have already implemented extensible styling and page structure, user login and logout handling, user creation with different user types, and a general structure from which I can build outwards and upwards.  Obviously my previous goals for the project were rather ambitious, so I have resolved to keep my current goals vague.  I intend to have something tangible that I can interact with and demonstrate to others in some capacity, and Rails is going to allow me to do that in the time that I have.  Better yet, Rails is going to provide me with a framework flexible enough to suit a single-developer production path.  While teaching myself how to use the framework, I created a blog program with page styling.  Once I finished that, it was no trouble at all to completely diverge from the tutorial and implement complex user creation and session handling using the AuthLogic Ruby gem.  With Rails being able to handle sudden changes and cope with a project that evolves steadily during the development project, I am more than optimistic about the ease of development.  I have included some images below of some of the user creation and session creation forms as well as some of the code used in the project.

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