To Kill A Mockingbird – Post the First

To Kill A Mockingbird holds a unique place in my literary lineup. It is the only book that has attained the status of read-it-in-english-class-but-actually-enjoyed-and-would-read-for-pleasure. This is a relatively prestigious position and one that warrants recognition and respect. As far as my first impressions are concerned; the book moves at a satisfying pace (fast enough that it has my attention, yet […]

You did What‽

Generally it is not acceptable to stop halfway through a project and tell people that you want to completely start over.  Generally once you begin a project, you are obligated to grin and bear it as it continues going south.  However… When you run your own project and can’t motivate yourself to continue on the path towards eventual death and […]

Bumbleberry Bee

Recently, I worked with a friend in my GHEnglish class to create this video short satirizing school censorship of the book Huckleberry Fin.  Included here, below the video is a brief essay, describing why I chose to make this project and how I went about doing it. Evan and I chose to work on a satirical video short. We decided […]