Presentation Time!

Most people don’t like them, but I quite there’s something about presentations that I quite enjoy.  Perhaps it’s the spectacularly designed keynote behind me or the thrill of not having run through my lines (or not planning any lines for that matter), but I really like looking out at the (albeit rather small) expanse of expectant faces ready to hear my impromptu summery of what exactly it is that I intend to do and how it will change the world.  When creating a presentation, I generally spend all of my time making sure it looks impeccable and none of my time thinking about what I’ll say.  This nearly always seems to work out, and it certainly did today when I presented the below presentation (embedding keynote presentations in web pages is fun) to my classmates in GHEnglish today.

I simply can’t get enough opportunities to tell people what I’m doing and why (at least I think) it’s pretty great.  The more people that know what I’m doing; the more perspectives I’ll be able to take into consideration when developing ClassNinja.  I think that the brief presentations we did were deffinaltely beneficial.  Making this presentation really got me thinking about deliverables and end goals however.  As detailed in my presentation, I know what I want to do.  The problem is making these goals happen in time and keeping myself from procrastinating.  On that same note; look forward to a lost blog post (from a week or two ago) containing some information about how I am already getting sidetracked.  Fun!

Also: A nice looking graphical timeline of deliverables with dates (Oh my – how scary!) may be in the pipeline (next week?)

UPDATE: A timeline (without dates 🙁 yet) is available alongside Lost Post #1 (yes I released it 15 minutes after I said I would)

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