Lost Post #1 – Already Getting Distracted

This week, I took a brief hiatus from developing ClassNinja (Formerly known as the PV Course Selection System) to begin teaching myself ASP.NET.  I figured that ClassNinja would be my last webapp written in PHP and that I should move on to the bigger and better world of ASP.NET: Microsoft’s C#-based programming language for the development of large-scale web applications.  I don’t want to get totally sucked into ASP.NET, because it’s a whole other beast compared to PHP.  However, it was nice to get a little bit of perspective as to how bigger webapps are developed.  I learned about things like the MVC layout and server middleware, but I’m not going to get into that now.  What’s most important is that I get cracking on deciding how ClassNinja will be structured.  While it may seem like I’ve been wasting my time messing around with C# on Windows Server, I have actually been learning some valuable lessons about how proper webapps are developed.  I really need to work on organizing what I have so far to make ClassNinja more modular.  I have been working this out in my head, and a goal of mine is to have a chart by the end of the project that can clearly outline the different parts of the project and how they work together.  I have started work on a rudimentary prototype of said chart to help me plan out where I think I’m going with these different modules.

I wrote that ^ a week or two ago.  While I’ll try to uphold my promise to stay on task (aka stop trying to learn ASP.NET) I think it won’t be long before I drift off again.  To prevent this from happening, I have created a handy little chart of deliverables that I want to get done.  Now I did say that I’d add dates to restrain myself, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I will release a newer version with iffy due dates some time within the next week.  Meanwhile, you will have to settle for this:

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