Everybody knows that feeling when you are being pressured to make a WordPress blog by your English teacher even after you tell him that you already have a blog that you host yourself on a Mac at your house (see fig. 1 right)…
…I mean, Right?  This is relatable, is it not?  No?  Okay, I guess not.  However, this does give me a good opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Gabe Lyczak.  I’m socially awkward
and often bored.  Hopefully, this blog will give me something to do.  However, to make that happen, I will need to actually update it relatively often.  If I can keep myself busy with miscellaneous projects, I should be able to write about them and maybe keep some random internet person’s attention long enough to warrant a comment or otherwise give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Now that I’ll be hosting this on WordPress, I will finally be able to track pageviews so that I can finally know if blogging is truly a waste of time.  If it is I won’t bother telling you because you probably won’t have seen this (Wait a second…) and you won’t get the opportunity to because I will shut down this site and stop using up system resources.  Though, on the off chance that some internet people actually have longer attention spans than I give them credit for, maybe we’ll see this blog turn into something interesting.  Maybe.

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