The Project is Underway

I have spoken with my computer science teacher and we have devised a plan of attack.  After some deliberation and discussion I have decided that a Java backend will not be necessary.  To my relief (and the horror of everyone who hates PHP) this project will be written almost exclusively in PHP. My goals for the project are as follows: […]

Woohoo, Enthusiasm!

Alright.  It didn’t take long, but boy do I have an idea.  In my previous post, I mentioned continuing a previous project for my school.  Essentially what I want to do is build a server frontend and backend to handle student course selection for my school.  The idea was pitched to me back in late 2016 by my computer science […]


Everybody knows that feeling when you are being pressured to make a WordPress blog by your English teacher even after you tell him that you already have a blog that you host yourself on a Mac at your house (see fig. 1 right)… …I mean, Right?  This is relatable, is it not?  No?  Okay, I guess not.  However, this does give […]